Things going missing around your home? Want to be able to check on your home from anywhere? Do you just want the piece of mind that the activities around your home are being recorded?

Give CLS technology a call and we'll get you a FREE ESTIMATE on installing security cameras in or around your home.

What You Get:



CLS technology
  • FREE Consultation to design a solution that best fits your needs.
  • Quote you the necessary equipment.
  • Run all cables and wires necessary to support your surveillance system.
  • Professionally mount and install security cameras, DVR, and monitor.
  • Configure your DVR for maximum recording.
  • Setup your DVR so you can view your cameras from anywhere, even your smartphone!

Pricing Options:



CLS technology
  • $275 - In Home (1 DVR, 4 Cameras, 2 Smartphones)
  • + $35 - Each additioanl camera
  • + $19 - Each additional smartphone / web device
  • (Service cost does not include equipment.)