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CLS technology


+ Payment Questions:
1.) "Do you accept credit cards?"
2.) "When is payment due?"

+ Pricing Questions:
1.) "Do you have a low-price guarantee?"
2.) "If I want to purchase several services, do I get a price break?"
3.) "I need my computer fixed NOW and I need it back TOMORROW. Is there any charge for expedited service?"

+ PC vs. Mac Questions:
1.) "Do you work on Mac computers and other Apple products?"

+ Services Questions:
1.) "What if I can't find what I'm looking for?"
2.) "What makes/models of computers do you service?"
3.) "What other services do you provide?

+ Equipment Pickup Questions:
1.) "How far out will you come to pickup my computer?"
2.) "Can I just drop my computer off with you?"

+ Equipment Sales Questions:
1.) "I want to buy a new computer, does CLS technology sell computers?"
2.) "Do you sell servers?"

CLS technology


+ System Tools:

+ Virus / Malware Tools:

+ Network Tools: